Sound Of Disaster - The Swedish Disaster 83-85

Sound Of Disaster
The Swedish Disaster 83-85
Label: Disaster Records ‎– 300
Type: CD, Compilation, Unofficial Release
Country: Peru
Date of released: 2005
Category: Rock
Style: Hardcore, Punk


October 1983 Demo
1 Lagar Och Forordningar
2 Modesvin
3 We Want
4 Minoritet
5 Fuck
6 Zomos Kommer
7 Warfare
8 Sound Of Disaster
9 Wellpaid Murder
10 Church Want Power
11 Lat Djuren Leva
12 Dator
13 Fucking Pollution
1984 Demo
14 Tank Realistiskt (Think Realistic)
15 Let The Animals Live
16 Lagar Och Forordning (Laws & Decrees)
17 Sista Striden (The Last Fight)
18 B.S.S. - K.S.S.
19 I Don't Want
1985 Demo
20 Besides My Head
21 Nonchalerad Svalt (Non Attended Starvation)
22 Statsmanipulation (Statemanipulation)
23 Styrd Varld (Ruled World)
24 Religiosa Fanatiker (Religious Fanatics)
25 Moral
26 I Don't Want
27 Framtid (Future)
28 B.S.S. - K.S.S.
29 Soldat (Soldier)
30 Tank Realistiskt (Think Realistic)
31 Valfard (Prosperity)


From the booklet:

SOUND OF DISASTER, started in February 1983. The line up on these recordings were the only recording one. The "first demo" was recorded in October 1983. It was a raw and uneven recording, done in the practise room. We don't consider that one as our first demo. The first one was recorded 31/5-1984, on an eight track recorder. The second demo was recorded 10 months later, in the same studio.

The second demo was releases as 2x7"s. The first one was released in September, 1985 and the second one by REALLY FAST in the beginning of the 90s. The live tape is from our only gig in Stockholm, on X-mas days, 1984. We did just 11 gigs during our existence. At the end of 1986 the band faded away, because of lack of inspiration and interest

Notes by Goran Lind.

Notes: liner notes come from the original tape version (which was including the Live at Ultra, Stockholm, December 25th, 1984) and omitting the 1st Demo 1983. That's why there is no trace of such mentioned live tracks which were replaced on CD by the first demo